Why another SHTF / Survival website?

     About one month ago I was clueless to what the acronyms SHTF (S**t Hits The Fan) or TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It) stood for, however, I did know what survival meant. After all, I did watch the Discovery channel and had seen Bear Grylls' drink his own urine to avoid dehydration! Little did I know that much of the antics displayed on television's plethoral of survival shows would be mildly helpful in a real life survival scenario. Its still mysterious as to what led me down the path of being intrigued with the concept of being prepared for an emergency, whether it was "classified" as SHTF or TEOTWASKI, but it captured my imagination and was certainly thought provoking. One month later I found myself stuffing a back pack and a medium sized gym bag with "survival" gear calling them our B.O.B. (Bug Out Bag). It didn't end there, ironically, as I started my B.O.B I became frighteningly aware of how little I had prepared my family for an unexpected emergency and my sense of security eroded quickly.
    On the quest for preparedness I began surfing the web and trying to absorb as much information about emergency preparedness as possible. That's when I noticed that, while there was a tremendous amount of information available on great websites I really enjoy, it was all a bit overwhelming and in my opinion not geared for the average American family. That's why I created this site, www.SHTF-Survival.com, I want to make it easier for the average American to be able to grasp the importance of preparedness, understand the basics, learn through my trial and errors but most importantly provide an easy common-sense approach to getting ready for when  the SHTF! This is the site's goal, please email contact@shtf-survival.com with any comments, suggestions or topics you would like to see addressed.